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    All gear

    All Gear 1.75mm x 180" Jet Set Throw Line Sold Out $33.00 CAD

    All Gear's 100% Dyneema Throw Line is made to be extremely slick. Very popular choice. Jet-Set is braided firmly to avoid snagging and abrasion. Premium Husky Coating is applied to enhance the glide and increase the abrasion resistance even further....

    Sold Out

    Husky 1/2" is a double braided composite bull rope from All Gear. It provides the best in abrasion resistance, break strength and energy absorption. The "Husky Line" has a Polyester Jacket and a Nylon Core to exceed the break strength...

    All Gear Low Friction Ring - Anodized Teflon coated From $26.00 CAD

    3/4", 1-1/8" and 1-1/2"  All Gear, Inc. Low Friction Rings are made of Premium Aluminum and Aircraft Quality Coating for a Super Smooth Glide when running rigging line through the middle. Excellent add-on to all Dead Eye Slings, Whoopie Slings...