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    Rings, Plates and Swivels

    DMM Anchor Rings $23.40 CAD

    Anchor rings are beautifully simple components that can be used in the most complicated systems. By creating a ‘Master Link’ universal connection point for connectors or textiles that can withstand forces from 360 degrees, numerous rigging and work situations can...

    DMM AXIS SWIVEL From $108.00 CAD

    DMM Axis Swivels have been designed to be smooth, compact and incredibly strong. Made from hot forged, CNC machined bodies with large bearings and heat treated, stainless steel axles, the Axis Swivels inspire confidence from the word go. The wider...


    The DMM Focus is a compact, hot-forged swivel designed for use at junctions where torsion needs management. A high-quality internal bearing ensures smooth and reliable rotation, while the textile-friendly clip in points are perfect for carabiners or textile elements. The...

    DMM XS Rigging Plate Orange $33.95 CAD

        Features Four sizes for all rigging configurations Textile friendly surfaces with large radii Centralised connection point for stable rescuer attachment CNC machined from high strength heat treated Aluminium Anodised to BS EN 7599:2010 AA10 Sealed for corrosion protection Conforms...