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    Rope tools

    DMM Captain Hook + XSRE carabiner Sold Out $210.50 CAD

     DMM Captain Hook + XSRE carabiner The Captain is a self-orientating, high strength throwing hook that is used as a positioning aid. It has been designed to increase stability and create work positioning options during complex jobs requiring repositioning. The...

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    Teufelberger multiSLING 1.3m Sold Out $52.00 CAD

    Sirius multiSLING is regarded as the number one multipurpose tool for professional arborists. It can be used as an anchor sling and friction hitch cord, in single leg or choked configurations. In combination with a DMM Revolver karabiner, multiSLING serves as...

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    Teufelberger pulleySAVER From $256.00 CAD

    The climbing rope moves with the usual ease on the PINTO pulley. The resilient eye which facilitates the retrieval of the pulleySAVER returns to its original position even after a thousand cycles. And the pulleySAVER comes with the patented TEUFELBERGER...