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    Tentsile FLITE TREE TENT $480.00

    The Flite is our latest, lightweight offering in our range. This two-person tree tent is a perfect hiking size - you have asked and we have listened. No more lumpy, bumpy, wet or muddy ground and all the separation you...

    Tentsile LIGHTWEIGHT LADDER $95.00

    The Tentsile Webbing Ladder is made of polyester 25mm webbing and comes in a pouch with two "quick-link" carabiners. It can be used to access your tree tent when setup at height. It is the most lightweight webbing ladder on...

    Tentsile SPARES/REPAIR KIT $20.00

    Ripped fly sheet? A hole in your tent? Broken pole? No problem. Use this repair kit to fix your tent. Kit includes: Tear-Aid waterproof repair patch to instantly fix your tent. No sewing involved, no glue, no mess. Simply cut...

    Tentsile STINGRAY TREE TENT $890.00

    The Stingray is our flagship, three-person tree tent, or portable treehouse, which offers users a uniquely communal and comfortable outdoor experience, elevated above inhospitable ground conditions, insects, snakes or other creepies... The Stingray comprises a spacious triple hammock interior covered...

    Tentsile TRILLIUM HAMMOCK $340.00

    The Trillium hammock is the most hardcore triple hammock on the market. Reinforced by 20-plus metres of seat belt, and secured by heavy-duty ratchets and webbing, it provides unprecedented safety, stability, comfort and of course, the most exciting view in...