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    Throw Line Gear

    Harrison Rocket Throw bag $45.00 CAD

    Compact, strong and ergonomic, the "Harrison Rocket" is considered the best throw bag in the world. Designed in New Zealand by 3 times New Zealand climbing champ Andy Harrison - each throw bag is handcrafted by Andy's wife Ali.  Used...


    JET Throw-bag Double-layer construction gives the JET throw-bag excellent longevity. Its streamlined shape facilitates passage through tree branches. It is available in 300g. Description Throw bag has rugged, two-layer construction for long life Streamlined shape facilitates passage through tree branches...

    Zing-it 1.75mm x 180ft $36.00 CAD

    Zing-It! yields the highest strength, lightest weight, lowest stretch, and longest wear life available. The Samthane coating adds to the twine's wear life, ensures its knot-holding capability, and gives it a distinctive color.